Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to The Be Beautiful...Be You blog...this blog has come about as various inspirations have culminated into one energy and space.  A beautiful author and blog-writer here on inspired me in about let's three minutes flat to draw up a site similar to hers, of course not copying it at all, and with my very own unique style and quirks!  So before I begin anything else on this page, here is a link back to the inspiration...and thank you bright spirit .xx. you reached far and wide today... :).

So now that that is done...all of you that feel inspired to contribute to her page there is information on how to submit your work on the link above... I too will be taking submissions and will consider a similar intake guide as is on their page for now and will update the information as it becomes applicable.  So in plain English, if you have something about beautifying your body, mind, spirit and soul, you are welcome to post a comment and I will remove anything not suitable to this site. 

Friendly Warning: this is not an advertising site, and it is neither somewhere to quickly get an article for a publication if you are a student, journalist (or in training to be one), or similar, or for other sites. 
If you wish to share the content, please send me a message/comment and wait for me to reply to before using any content (includes my photography).  If you don't hear from me in 7 working/non-working days please take it as an automatic NO.  (wish I didn't have to do that...but I do...).